Why Shred?

Why Shred?

Why shred your documents and paperwork that are unneeded, out of date, or no longer relevant? Why not just throw them out?

Everyone knows that we should protect ourselves from cyber identity theft, but it’s easy to forget that the threat of “paper” identity theft is still very real. Don’t take chances—shred! On-site shredding is the primary way to safeguard personal information. Once you’ve gathered all of your documents designated for destruction bring them to our offices located on 99 Sparta Avenue in Newton this Saturday, July 8, and watch them get shredded while you wait! Cost is only $6 for a grocery sized brown bag.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), discarded paper is one of the principal sources of information for identity thieves. Secure destruction of sensitive material helps you and your company avoid risks like:

  • Loss of trade secrets
  • Fraud
  • Embarrassing publicity
  • Litigation, fines, and penalties
  • Identity theft


As far as personal documents are concerned, to be as safe as possible, we recommend that you destroy any paper that contains even a minimum of personal information. Identity thieves are clever and can gain a great deal of usable information from documents like:

  • Medical/Dental Records
  • Discarded mail
  • Resumes
  • Used Airline Tickets
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