In Their Own Words

What they are saying about us

We are honored when families choose us for their loved one’s final journey. We recognize each patient and situation is different, and our team goes above and beyond. We are sharing some comments and stories that set Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice apart.


I want to thank all the nurses, both day and evening shifts. Their commitment to patients and families is amazing! I continue to keep them in my prayers.

Hospice Family, Home for Hospice

No words could ever express my gratitude for all that your organization did for me and my family. The wonderful care provided in my mom’s time of need was exceptional. Instead of feeling uncomfortable having strangers come to our home, it felt warm and comforting like old friends coming to lend a hand. You are all very special people and I commend you on a job well done.

A hospice family member

I agreed with their approach, I agreed with their philosophy and how they handled this passage from this lifetime.
Dianne G.
(Social worker) Stephanie was Terrific! The nurse would even call us on her own time to check on my mother’s status. (And) I couldn’t have asked for better aides…when they found out my mother was Lithuanian and loved perogies, they brought her perogies. While my mother was at home, the aides walked with her, read Dear Abby and treated my mother as if she was their mom. And they took care of me; they became my sisters. They were all trained by Mother Theresa… I couldn’t have asked for better care of my mom. (While in the Hospice Home) What really made me happy was when each family member left (after visiting), they called me to comment on the outstanding facility and that they had never seen a hospice program as this. She was in a top-notch place and that made me feel really good.

Dianne G.

The level of care was unbelievable. The nurses and aides were angels, the volunteers were lifesavers. We could not have gotten through this without them. We will be forever grateful.

A hospice family member

Thank you very much for the beautiful memorial service conducted in Newton on Monday night. For me, personally, it meant a lot to hear my daughter’s name mentioned and to have her honored along with all the other people. The entire service was quite moving and very spiritual for me. Please thank all the people that gave their time and talents to give to others.

Memorial service attendee

I couldn’t have done this without hospice assistance. Our nurse was extremely helpful and very caring. The chaplain went out of her way to help my mother and my family. She did an outstanding job, and is a true servant of God. Hospice, as a group, made my job easier. They educated me on what would be, which relieved me of my unknown fears. I highly recommend that all those in need contact hospice, and I campaign for people to donate and contribute to this wonderful organization.

A hospice family member

We want to express our gratitude for the professional and compassionate care that our mom received from all the personnel at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice. From the day of admission until Mom’s death, we felt support and guidance for Mom and for our entire family. The communities of Sussex and Warren Counties are truly blessed to have the services of the hospice. Our family is extremely grateful that you were there when we needed you. Please let us know what we can do to support your mission in the months and years ahead.

A hospice family member

Everyone involved was a great help and support to me, assisting me in understanding my husband’s situation better, and enabling me to care for him in his last days. I can’t thank you all enough for that. You gave me the comfort and peace to accept the situation also. May God bless hospice care and all of you who contributed. For that I will always be grateful. The ‘Crossing the Creek’ booklets that you share with families are the best for anyone at a time like this.

A hospice family member

Our whole family was impressed with the nurses and home health aides. They not only did a great job with my husband but also took the time to talk and listen to us. It was a terrible time of my life to see my husband passing away, but a great gift not only to my husband, who was able to stay at home, but to his whole family who got to spend many hours a day with him.

A hospice family member

My husband died in November, after being released from a rehabilitation center for just a few days. During my husband’s time home, hospice came and helped me with his medications and his care. The nurse was wonderful! When my husband died, your social worker and nurse were both at my home. Their compassion and kindness helped me get through the initial shock. I can’t thank them enough. Hospice is an amazing support system that touches everyone who is dealing with a terminal illness. Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful care.

A hospice family member

The hope, love, and dignity hospice care gives us is sent from angels.


Hospice gave me more time to spend with my mother in her last weeks here on earth. Also, through my hospice experience I met so many wonderful people who I will always remember. I want to say “Thank you,” to everyone at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice. You helped my mom, and you also helped me.

A hospice family

The nurses and aides were very compassionate and personalized care for the patient and caregiver was provided. The Home for Hospice facility is located in a beautiful country setting and I thank the whole staff. The Bereavement team is also very solid.

Local Hospice Family

Very Compassionate

Scared and alone with no family member left, I needed help. You made my dad’s last 13-days of life as beautiful and possible. Thank you.

–Local Hospice Family

Scared and Alone

He received excellent care! the staff was compassionate, caring and always responsive to my father’s need and or questions.

–Local Home for Hospice Family

Excellent Care

The team was so friendly, helpful, understanding and so very soothing. They made us feel like we mattered and that they were 100% there for us. I am so blessed to have had this team by my side as my family member passed on. I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you all.
–Local Hospice Family

So very soothing…

“The Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice care was very supportive all through a very long illness.  God bless them.”

_Local Hospice Family – May 2024

“Hospice provided us the ability to fulfill late husband’s wishes to pass at home, although very difficult undertaking at first, hospice nurse was kind and understanding of our stresses and helped us with making his wishes happen.  Thank you all for your help.”

Local Hospice Family – May 2024

“My sisters and I agree that the care provided by the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice team was outstanding during a difficult time for us.  They provided excellent care and made sure our Dad and us were taken care of.”

Local Hospice Family – May 2024

“What your facility does for the terminal patient is so important.  God bless you all.”

Local Hospice Family – May 2024

“At last I am an American!”

Nelly Tafferelli
Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice patient Nelly Tafferelli receiving her citizen’s papers. Nelly Tafferelli came to this country from Argentina in 1992 and dreamed of becoming a U.S. citizen ever since.

Her efforts, even when assisted by friends and family, weren’t enough. Thanks to the team from Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice: Jackie Shepard, Social Services, Marlina Schetting, Social Services Director and Nancy Lombreglia, RN, Nelly’s dream is now a reality. On her behalf they contacted Congressman Scott Garrett and with the help from his office some of the red tape got unstuck.

She passed her citizenship test and attended her swearing in ceremony all while wearing pink pajamas!

Due to Nelly’s terminal illness, Officer Steve Sprinkler of the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services administered the citizenship test to her at home where she was able to answer questions in comfort and confidence.

Afterwards, she celebrated and blew out eighteen candles (one for each year here), ate some cheesecake, and sang “God Bless America”.

“At last I am an American!” she chortled in delight.