Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice is your local, non-profit hospice, providing community care for over 40 years.

Created by a local family, stemming from their personal tragedy, and started with their own funds. (Learn about our history.)

Why is local important?

  • We are fully committed!
  • We live and work in our community and they depend upon us to be able to recognize that each patient and situation is unique.
  • As a local program we help build a strong sense of community by being part of the very fabric of our neighbors and their needs.
  • Our local ownership ensures the people who live and work here make decisions; for ultimately, it is we here at home, who will feel the impact of our practices.
  • We help to keep dollars in the local economy. We use local banks, businesses and we re-cycle our proceeds back into the community enriching us all.
  • We create jobs locally both at entry level and professional levels, employing various skill types.
  • We are flexible because we answer to a local board, thus fueling innovation and entrepreneurship when called upon.
  • We are environmentally concerned about our facilities and their impact on our neighbors, wanting to sustain the vibrancy of our community.

How does being non-profit help you?

  • We need to be accountable to you, our donors and constituents, for responsibility and effectiveness.
  • Program participants, boards, staff and the public can demand a greater obligation from non-profit organizations. Our duty is to utilize our funding for our community’s greater good.
  • Community members who are in need receive tangible services from us; they are your neighbors, friends, and family. We provide a real benefit.
  • Our board of directors and leaders are your neighbors, assuring a more inclusive organizational path for the community.
  • We are transparent as our organization and partnership reaches out to communicate clearly and openly about itself at all levels to all patrons, including the staff, board, patients, families, donors and community constituents.

How can you help us?

We have many opportunities to be part of our family of giving, large or small.  Please visit our Charitable Giving page to learn more.