Our Management Team

The day-to-day operations of Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice are led by a management team with over 50 years of combined hospice experience and dedication.

Elwood Hungarter, RN, BSN, MS


Irena Booth, MPH, BSN, RN

Clinical Director

Mary Bezak

Associate Administrator

Lorri Opitz

Director of Bereavement

John Quinlan

Director of Foundation

Lee Ellison

Director of Marketing and Media

Michaella R. Csizmar

Manager of Human Resources

Elise Varesi-Selitto

Administrative Assistant

JoAnne Winzer


Mario Spadaro


Jennifer Smith

Manager of Special Events

Sue Dougherty

Volunteer Coordinator

Michelle Gustavson

Finance Manager

Our Board Members

Governing Board

    • Julia Quinlan, CEO, Co-Founder
    • Mary Ellen Quinlan, Chairman
    • Honorable Paul W. Armstrong J.S.C. (Retired), Vice-Chairman
    • Christian Robertozzi DPM, FACFAOM, FASPS, Treasurer
    • Louis R. Ruggiero, Secretary
    • Kenneth Carter
    • Paul Ferguson
    • George A. Green IV, Ph.D
    • Tammie Horsfield
    • Cynthia Jones, MD, FACS
    • Jeanne Kerwin, D.MH, HEC-C
    • Jamie LaCouture
    • Daniel Leary
    • Robert E. McCracken
    • Kevin T. Stroyan
    • Patricia A. Sweeney-Pawlyk
    • Edward M. Tirpack, DMD, MAGD
    • Frederick K. Weber, MS, MBA (Ret.)


  • Emeritus Trustee – Judith F. Wiegand
  • Honorary Trustee – Richard D. Pompelio, Esq.

Medical Directors:

    • Joseph Cirello, MD
    • Yogesh Viroja, MD

Charitable Foundation Board

  • Robert Vandenbergh, President, Secretary
  • Yanina Montau-Thatcher, Vice President
  • Steven Ysais, Treasurer
  • Richard R. Keiling, Esq.
  • Julia Quinlan
  • Mary Ellen Quinlan

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