IDLM partners with Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice to train EOL Doulas

NEWTON – International Doula Life Movement (IDLM) founder Anna Adams and Executive Director Pamela Carter visited the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice administrative office to begin the IDLM – Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program training. IDLM has partnered with Quinlan Care Concepts – Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice to provide training KAQ Hospice Volunteers and Employees to be End-of-Life Doulas.

Doula, n. (dou; la);

A non-medical professional who provides support to another individual during a time of transition by providing education, information and resources; emotional and holistic care; and physical support. 

“The doula movement is rapidly growing and for good reason. In times of transition or crisis, individuals and families need compassionate support to prepare emotionally for change. Well-trained doulas guide people to make the best choice for them,” said Anna Adams, founder of IDLM.

“The International Doula Life Movement offers international doulas — of all specialties — a values and mission-based education, resource center, and community committed to helping them support others,” said Adams.

A death doula is a person who helps support the dying or their loved ones through the end of life with non-medical support.

Left to right Wood Hungarter President Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Anna Adams Founder International Doula Life Movement Pamela Carter Executive Director IDLM and Lee Ellison Director of Marketing and Media Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice

“We are thrilled to have Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice joining us and look forward to being a part of the Quinlan Care Concepts Team,” said Pamela Carter, IDLM Executive Director.

The trainings, generously funded by the Karen Ann Quinlan Friends of Hospice, started on Friday, May 3. Two trainings, with 10 students each, are planned for 2024 and more trainings will be held in 2025 for volunteers, employees and those in the community who wish to participate in this specialized, 70+ hour certification course. This initiative is part of the strategic plan for Quinlan Care Concepts to offer complete end-of-life services to the community. Upon graduation ILDM certified EOL Doulas will available to help families in the communities that we serve.

Anna Adams and Pamela Carter join students at the first session of IDLM DeathEnd of Life Doula Specialist Program
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