Being Mortal Video – Start the Conversation


Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice was recently presented an certificate of appreciation for the Hospice Foundation of America for their participation in the nationwide campaign, Being Mortal. Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice recognizes the importance of discussing end-of-life preferences with loved once and medical professionals.

KAQ held three community screenings of the PBS documentary in 2017. Our involvement contributed to the success of Being Mortal, which reached more than 60,000 individuals across the United States.

In keeping with our mission of getting more families to have the conversation about end of life care, Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice is happy to provide you with the link to the movie “Being Mortal.” Please take some time out of your day to view this moving and though provoking movie. “Being Mortal” shines an unprecedented spotlight on how patients, families, and doctors all experience the end stages of life, for the ultimate goal is not a good death but a good life – all the way to the very end. Click here to view the movie or on the link above.

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