2023Honors Lucky Number & Photo Gallery

All of the Hospice Honors 2023 event journals had a lucky number hidden in the book. The attendee with number 1349 is the recipient or two tickets to the 2023 Wine and Cheese Festival presented by the Friends of Hospice. The event will be held on Sunday, September 10 at the beautiful Water Wheel Farm in Fredon. To claim your tickets please contact Jennifer Smith at 973-383-0115. Congratulations.

Thank you to everyone, including the honorees, presenters and sponsors for making last night such a success. All proceeds from the event with benefit the Julia Quinlan Home for Hospice Endowment Fund.

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  1. I did not win the free tickets, but I am still a winner as I am a long time volunteer with the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Association and it the most awesome Hospice Association in the State of N.J. Every single person in this organization has but one goal in mind, the care of the hospice patient. Nothing, but nothing else matters. I will stay with this group until I can no longer drive or function! Thank you Karen Ann Quinlan for giving my life deeper meaning.

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