Roses to Honor Those Who Served

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice will honor our fallen military, late veterans and their spouses who are interred at the Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sparta, NJ on Saturday, May 25 from Noon – 1 p.m.


On the 25th from Noon – 1 p.m. staff and volunteers from Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice will join others who over Memorial Day weekend will place a rose at veterans  gravesites in honor of their service in this nationwide event.


Memorial Day began after the Civil War and was originally called Decoration Day. Each year on this day we honor those who risked or sacrificed their lives while protecting and fighting for our country. On Saturday, volunteers will place a flower in front of each headstone while quietly reading the inscription and then thanking the person for their service.


Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice is a Level 5 “We Honor Veterans” partner. “We Honor Veterans,” is a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Level 5 is the highest level WHV partners can attain and includes required community education activities and yearly recertification. Currently, Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice is the only organization in New Jersey with this designation.


As a partner, Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice is provides specialized care to Veterans who are facing a life-limiting illness. Aside from existing partner requirements, Level 5 partners place a greater emphasis on staff education and caring for Vietnam-era and combat Veterans. Additionally, Level 5 partners take on the role of regional mentor to other WHV partners working to enhance their programs.


There are currently 583 interments at the Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sparta and we will place a rose on both the Veteran’s and spouse grave if they too are interred there. “Our Veteran’s families have made tremendous sacrifices, and we want to be sure to honor their service too,” said Jacqui Gieske, Director of Social Services at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice.


We are inviting community members who would like help place roses to contact us at 973-383-0115 ext. 145. This is a meaningful memorial and is a great way to pay tribute and honor those who have given so much for our Country.


Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice will urges the community to watch “15 Things Veterans Want you to Know.” This informative video by PsychArmor and was created to educate anyone who works with, lives with, or cares for our military Veterans. PsychArmor asked hundreds of Veterans what they wanted civilians, employers, educators, health care providers, and therapists to know about them. These comments were used to create the topics of this course including 5 Questions You Should Always Ask Veterans, 1 Question You Should Never Ask Veterans, and 15 Facts that promote greater understanding of our Veterans. Click here to watch the 16 minute video.


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