The 6th Annual Joseph and Julia Quinlan Award presented at Rutgers

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DATE: June 29, 2012
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Lorraine Sciara & Julia Quilan

PHOTO: Lorraine Sciara, award recipient with Julia Quinlan, presenter of the Joseph and Julia Quinlan award.

The 6th Annual Joseph and Julia Quinlan Award presented at Rutgers

Newton NJ –June, 2012 – Julia Quinlan of Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice gave the opening greeting at the Rutgers of College of Nursing for the 7th Annual conference of the New Jersey End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (NJ-ELNEC) held in Somerset on June 22nd.

In addition to Mrs. Quinlan greeting all the attendees, she presented the sixth annual Joseph and Julia Quinlan Award to Lorraine Sciara. The Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice began in 1980 and in 1981 The Hospice Inc., which also began as a fledgling community health care provider, began its journey. Today that hospice is known as the Barnabus Health Hospice & Palliative Care Center located in West Orange, NJ.

Under the leadership of Sciara, who took responsibility for the small hospice at a time when there was little public awareness of hospice, the agency grew. Starting with only five employees and five patients, she transformed the agency to a system with over 200 employees, 300 volunteers and an average of 260 patients daily.

The Joseph and Julia Quinlan Award honored her dedication and devotion to the work of hospice which never faltered through the challenging and difficult times many non-profit hospices faced. Lorraine’s keen business instincts and her constant desire to meet the increasing needs of hospice patients and families largely contributed to the successful merger with the Hospice of Morris County and affiliation with The Saint Barnabus Health Care System. She also brought her hospice devotion to the community at large by serving on numerous legislative committees at both the state and federal level.

Lorraine Sciara, RN also held a master’s degree in Public Health and was the recipient of numerous awards honoring her contribution to women, nursing, and hospice.

“For her integrity, compassion, and unending quest for excellence it is a privilege to present Lorraine with the Joseph and Julia Quinlan award for 2012” Julia Quinlan announced.

At the same conference the Quinlan documentary “Saying Goodbye, the Legacy of Karen Ann Quinlan” (Mirage Productions, 2010) was shown and is soon to be released to the public along with extra educational dialogues.

The Karen Ann Quinlan Memorial Foundation is passionately dedicated to providing Hospice care for the terminally ill, Bereavement for those who have lost loved ones and Home Care assistance for recovery patients. Serving North and Northwest NJ and the Pike County area PA; please call 800 882 1117 to reach any of our services. Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice, 99 Sparta Ave., Newton, NJ, Karen Ann Quinlan Home Health Care, 755 Memorial Parkway, Phillipsburg, NJ and Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice, 104 Bennett Ave., Milford, PA. For programs, events, and more information visit


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