Hospice Services

When it's time for Hospice...sooner is better with Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice

1. You live longer. Studies show that people in hospice care live longer than patients getting curative treatment for the same illness.

2. You feel better. The side effects of aggressive treatments for cure of life-limiting illnesses frequently make you feel sicker. By choosing to stop treatment and start hospice or palliative care, our patients feel better and gain quality time.

3. You regain control of your life. In hospice care you can socialize and focus on living. And by managing your symptoms, our care will keep you out of the hospital.

4. You don’t have to stay. If you get better, you can leave hospice care, no problem. And you can re-enter hospice whenever you need us – simple as that.

 5. We share the care with family members. It’s difficult for family to be your full time caregivers – difficult for you and them. We manage and coordinate your care, which means that your loved ones get to be your family again.

You don’t need to be in the last days or weeks of life to qualify for hospice and palliative care. Our care is about living – living well in the time you have left. The sooner you call us the better you’ll live.

Receiving our care is easy. Just call us. You don’t have to wait for your MD. You, your family, or even a friend can refer you to us. We’ll work with your MD and be your advocate. And you or your family can call us 24-hours a day.

If you have a life-limiting illness with a prognosis of six-months or less and meet criteria for care, you can access hospice, and you and your family can immediately begin to reap the benefits.

Core Services:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Coping With Loss Support Groups
    • Pike County/ once a month;
    • Warren County/ once a month;
    • Sussex County/3 times a month – open to anyone who has suffered a loss through death – no charge to attend and no pre-registration is required.
  • Pet Loss Support Group
    • Held once a month in our Sussex County location. Open to anyone who has lost a pet through death.No charge to attend and no pre-registration is required.

  • Annual Memorial Services
    • Held in each county that is served. Open to our hospice families and the community at no charge.
  • Children’s Art
    • Bereavement Program Held twice a year for children age 6 through 12 who have suffered a loss through death. •
  • Healing in the Classroom
    • Workshop for school professionals to help recognize loss in their students and how to support them in their grief. Twelve clock hours are offered for counselors through the National Board of Certified Counselors.
  • Bereavement Facilitator Training
    • For anyone interested in organizing and implementing their own bereavement self-help support group. Six clock hours are offered for counselors through the National Board of Certified Counselors.