Grief Learning Library

At the Joseph T. Quinlan Bereavement Center we have over 500 books on Grief, from working through the grief process with children, to inspirational devotionals on grieving…from anticipatory grief, to how grieving affects our brain chemistry.

Some of the titles that are available to borrow from the Grief Library at the Joseph T. Quinlan Bereavement Center

All of our titles are available for lending through the Grief Learning Library at the Bereavement Center. To borrow a book please visit the Bereavement Center located on 5 Plains Road in Augusta during normal business hours – 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and “sign” the books out as you would at the public library.

It’s a wonderful resource for anyone experiencing grief for the first time or reflecting on a past loss. Plus, we have professionals on staff if you feel you may need more help navigating through the grief process. For more information please call 973-948-2283.

Bereavement Center receives Hackettstown Medical Center CAB grant

Atlantic Health System and Hackettstown Medical Center are committed to building healthier communities, beyond simply the delivery of excellent health care in our hospitals, medical practices and facilities. Understanding and supporting the needs of our local communities in Warren County is a top priority for Hackettstown.

Presenting a check for the $5,000 grant from left to right are Eric Cross of Duke’s Landscaping, Dr Barbara Jayne Lewthwaite, Chairperson of the Community Action Board, John Quinlan, Director of Foundation at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice, and Michele McGrogan, Program Manager and Community Health Care Coordinator.

With that in mind, the Community Advisory Board (CAB) of Hackettstown Medical Center was recently pleased to award Joseph T. Quinlan Bereavement Center with a Hackettstown Medical Center CAB grant for uncompensated Bereavement Care in Warren County.

A list of priority health needs in the Hackettstown Medical Center service area were identified in our most recent Community Needs Assessment which include, but not limited to – heart disease, diabetes & obesity, substance misuse, mental health and cancer.

This grant awarded to Joseph T. Quinlan Bereavement Center has met one or more of the identified priority health needs, and will now help Hackettstown Medical Center and Atlantic Health System address these needs – this is great news for residents of this region!